The Chronicles of Power Storm

ritthick-k-ts-thing“Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the power storm poetry café!” Mr. Power Storm announced. “Yay! Yay” the audience cheered. But did all audience cheer? Is there someone goofing around inside that big crowd.


That night after the wonderful celebration Power Storm went to his secret Power cave and on the way he saw a dead man. ”He might have been  shocked or shot by electricity, but I am the only one in the city who has this power.” Explained Power Storm. There is someone behind this. I need to reach the Power cave before more die like this. Power Storm quickly jumped on his Blow Bike and started riding it at 400mph!ritthick-k-ts-thing-3

When he reached his cave, Alfred, His butler was shot and had a little bit of life. “I am sorry Sir Power Storm that I couldn’t save your cave.” Said Alfred in a dying voice. Don’t feel guilty, you’re my butler, you wouldn’t destroy my cave.” The guy who told me was Jo…”Alfred replied and died. Power Storm sad in one place, thought that……


To see what he is thinking about, wait for next piece of The Chronicles of Power Storm.


About the author

Grade 5, SMIC

My name is Ritthick G-5 student studying in SMIC School Shanghai. I am also an active participant of Balvihar classes. My hobbies are playing games, writing stories and Soccer.

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