A Journey to the Magical Castle- Part 2

A Journey to the magical castle- Part 1


Part 2
             When they were high in the sky, John slipped and fell down. Swiftly ,Elizabeth rubbed the locket and uttered the magical words ,”Oh star, o Help me!”. Suddenly John started flying by himself. John and the Pegasus flew across the volcano. When they landed one of the Pegasus realised that  its wings were hurt. Elizabeth took medicine from her bag, and applied it where the Pegasus was hurt and then she put a bandage on it. The Pegasus thanked Elizabeth and she thanked them back.
             Elizabeth and John started walking and at last they reached a river. There was a bridge to the other side. Without thinking they started to cross the river, but the bridge broke and they fell in the river.Elizabeth knew how to swim,so she swam to the shore , but John didn’t know how to swim and sunk . Elizabeth was distraught and started crying. Then, two mermaids appeared and said that they  heard  her crying and wanted to help. Elizabeth explained that her brother sank in the river and that she had no idea where he was. They dived into the river and searched for him for a long time, but didn’t find him, but Elizabeth didn’t give up. She dived in the water and searched. Suddenly, she spotted John’s cap floating near a cave. So she thought he might be in the cave. So she swam in and saw John. Elizabeth rescued him and brought him to the shore. Elizabeth thanked the mermaids and started walking.
             After a few miles, they reached the Magical Crystal Castle. They knocked on the huge door and it opened by itself. When they got in, they saw a throne, on it sat the fairy that had given Elizabeth the locket. Elizabeth realised the  fairy was the princess of the Magical Crystal Castle. The fairy said,” You  have passed my tests, which are not giving up, helping, and being kind. I will turn you back into human.” And with a clap, Elizabeth turned into a human and John and Elizabeth appeared  back in their house and they lived happily ever after.
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Diva Tom
Diva Tom

Grade 3, SMIC

My name is Diva Tom.I’m 8 yrs old and studying in Grade 3 in SMIC School,Shanghai. I’m from Kerala. Since 2012,I’ve been staying in Shanghai with my parents and my twin sis Diya. My hobbies are reading, writing and drawing

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