Work Hard, Play Hard

images-1“I won’t study Mom, I don’t care if I have a test tomorrow” exclaimed Bob. Bob was an average 11-year old boy, he did everything other boys did, but he didn’t study and didn’t care about his future. He spent most of his time playing outside, playing video games and reading storybooks.

One day, his parents decided he was going too far, so they decided to teach him a lesson by taking all his stuff away and locking the door so he couldn’t go outside. But Bob still didn’t care. After doing nothing for an entire month, he decided to run away from home. When it was 3:00 A.M, he packed his bag and used a ladder to climb out of his home. One voice in his head told him whatever he was doing was extraordinarily stupid, another voice in his head said what he was doing would teach his parents “a lesson”.

After Bob got out of his house he saw a large supermarket, then he remembered that his parents stopped giving him pocket money. That day, he survived on mints and chocolates he hoarded from his parents’ snack cupboard, but he knew what he got would only last a couple days. Since he had no money to buy himself any food, he decided to figure out how he could earn money by himself.

He was walking around the plaza near his home when he saw a sign on a shop which said “Sweepers wanted $2.5/hour”. He now had 2 choices either to go home and apologise to his parents, or spend an entire day sweeping. “Nah, I ain’t going home, they’ll just force me to study again”. So he spent an entire day sweeping, and got $10.”Ahh!!” he exclaimed “4 hours of work and I only get 10 dollars”. After that he,decided to work in an office, but then he realised he had to go to school and study well for good jobs.

After that, he decided to go home and apologise to his parents. As soon as he got home,he started studying because he knew that people who need money and good jobs need to study.

About the author
Talish Ragireddy
Talish Ragireddy

Age-12, SHSID

Talish is a student in SHSID. He is an inquisitive and adorable kid who is a voracious reader and has a passion to write.

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