A Gift of Life


अयं बन्धुरयं नेति गणना लघुचेतसां उदारचरितानां तु वसुधैव कुटुम्बकं

ayam bandhurayam neti ganana laghuchetasam udaracharitanam tu vasudhaiva kutumbakam is a Sanskrit phrase that means -Only small men discriminate saying: One is a relative; the other is a stranger. For those who live magnanimously and noble, the entire world constitutes but a family.

This assertion is recited as a signature of Hindu benevolence towards others and is often used to promote a spirit of unconditional generosity towards others. The theme of the 2016 World Blood Donor Day, 14 June, campaign is “Blood connects us all”. In continuation with that spirit, on Sunday 11th 2016, 103 Indians donated blood in Shanghai as the Fourth Annual Blood Donation Drive with the theme of “Love Shanghai-the gift of life from Indians”. The event was led by IA (Indian Association in Shanghai and supported by local authorities, such as Shanghai Blood Centre.) Totally 146 bags were collected from Indian Nationals at the Shanghai Blood Center. There was a small cultural program. My son Aarush Dutta got an opportunity to share the same stage with his dearest Dad to welcome the audience with a song-“Gananayakaya Ganadevtaya”. There were few other cute performances on Bollywood top numbers and an astonishing Chinese classical performance.

Blood donation is one of the most noble and significant contributions that a living person can make towards the society. It causes no harmful effects for an adult after a blood donation, rather the body of the donor is able to regenerate the blood cells within a few days, saving a dying person to again see the light of life. Blood is our life-sap, it has no substitute.

Several lives are lost for the need of blood. Doctors need blood for transfusing it into the persons body after operation, severe accidents, and for Thalassemia patient (a major deadly genetic disorder). Blood can be stored for a limited period of time that is why the blood banks need a steady and constant collection of blood.

We should all come forward and donate blood considering the world as a family. We should encourage children too to understand this simple action which speaks our feelings, kindness and love for humanity. Let’s do something amazing, achieve internal satisfaction and bring a smile to people who are in need of a drop of blood- a gift of Life.


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Sharmili Gangopadhyay
Sharmili Gangopadhyay


I did my Environmental management from IISWBM, Kolkata. Worked with different Organization and Presented projects in MoEF (Ministry of environment and Forest, New Delhi). Actively participated as a Project Team Member for “Establishment of Sundarban Biosphere Resource Information Centre” (UNDP Project). Currently staying in shanghai with my little master and IT Tech Hubby. I enjoy volunteering in social activities, teaching kids and exploring Art & Craft of different cultures.

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