A Journey to a Magical Castle… Part 1

orchard-magical-castle-puzzle-1          Once upon a time there lived girl . The girl’s name was Elizabeth, she had a small brother named John. One day John and Elizabeth were walking in a forest, suddenly a witch appeared and said,”How dare you enter my forest without asking? In a second ,she put a spell on Elizabeth ,that every night she would turn into a beast. Elizabeth and John were terrified , they ran back home.

           Elizabeth got an idea and went to the library , from there she got a book called “How to End  a Spell”. It said that they have to go to the “Magical Crystal Castle” ,which they have to cross a live volcano and dangerous river.
            Suddenly a fairy appeared right in front of Elizabeth and said “I will give you this locket and whenever you need help say these magical words, Oh star o Help me! while you rub your locket.” Then the fairy disappeared. Elizabeth and John packed their bags for the long  and dangerous journey. They walked for miles and miles.Eventually they ended up near a volcano. They had no idea how to cross it. So they spent the rest of the day near the volcano thinking of way to cross the volcano.  When it was midnight Elizabeth turned into a vulgar looking beast. John was frightened , but then he remembered the spell.
            Elizabeth remembered about the  fairy and the locket, so she took out her locket and said the words “Oh star, o Help me!” while rubbing her locket. Immediately two Pegasus appeared and said ” We are fast at flying,hop on our backs and we will fly you across the volcano.” While talking , the volcano erupted. They quickly hopped on the Pegasus’s back and flew into sky.
To be continued in the next issue…
About the author
Diva Tom
Diva Tom

Grade 3, SMIC

My name is Diva Tom.I’m 8 yrs old and studying in Grade 3 in SMIC School,Shanghai. I’m from Kerala. Since 2012,I’ve been staying in Shanghai with my parents and my twin sis Diya. My hobbies are reading, writing and drawing

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