A Victory Over Impossible

4d407450d1eafe93f8d9578e28e5622eOne awful night Ben was fighting against an evil copy of himself. While Ben was changing himself into different aliens, he accidentally pressed the wrong button on the Omnitrix (The watch Ben wears that helps him turn into 10 different aliens) and was transferred to Etinarg (A breath taking planet) where he saw the Avengers fighting against the threatening Ultron (A metallic machine).

imagesBen was a big fan of the Avengers so he thought he could help them. He turned into Way Big (An alien which is really big and strong) and started fighting alongside the Avengers. Now the avengers easily defeated Ultron but Ultron never gave up and ran away saying,” I will defeat you the next time we meet!” The Avengers said,” We’ll see about that!” When the terrifying fight was over the Avengers asked Ben who he was, Ben explained everything. The Avengers took Ben to their secret headquarters and did a background check on him. The Avengers said,” You could join our team.” Ben was so happy and exclaimed,” YES!!!” The Avengers told Ben what was going on.

images-2Meanwhile on Earth Gwen (Ben’s sister) and Kevin (Bens’s friend) were fighting their best and were wondering about Ben’s whereabouts. They tried calling Ben over the phone but he didn’t answer. After calling Ben 100 times, they got angry and gave up on him. They continued fighting with the evil copy of Ben.

Back on Etinarg the Avengers were done telling Ben what was going on. It was a tough night so they told Ben to sleep but Ben said,” I am going to work with you guys no matter what!” The leader of the Avengers, Captain America thought for a moment and finally accepted,” You can help us with your powers.” Ben felt elated hearing it, at that very moment Ultron jumped in from the window panes. CRASH!!! phoenix-girl-woman-abstract-art-hd-with-resolution-picture-superheroes-super-hero-squad-187904The Avengers turned and ran towards Ultron but Ultron was too quick and he swung his arm causing Avengers to fly and crash on the wall one by one. Luckily the wall didn’t break. Flash (The fastest man alive) was fast enough to duck. Flash ran around Ultron quickly hitting Ultron on the legs. Ultron bent and grabbed Flash by his wrist and threw him on the wall. By then Ben had turned into Humangasour (Another alien which is also strong and big) and ran towards Ultron. Ultron was about to hit Humangasour but Humangasour pushed Ultron out of the window and Ultron fell on the solid road! BAM!!! The Avengers looked down the window and saw nothing so Captain America said, “Ultron is gone for now, but he’s goi…”. Captain America couldn’t finish his sentence because he was interrupted by a terrifying incident: Ultron broke through the door and ran towards Captain America. Hulk and Thor ran to towards Ultron but they were too late.

images-1Ultron grabbed Hulk and Thor and threw them in the sky. One by one each were hitting the wall in the same way. Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud! After some time everyone was saying, “Uhhhhh.” Captain America and Ben were the only ones left. Ben turned into Big Chill (an alien who can turn invisible and freeze matter) and froze Ultron, Captain America broke the ice but nothing happened. Ben turned into Magnetron (an alien who can manipulate metal using magnetism) and tried to pull Ultron apart but he failed. He tried breaking Ultron by throwing metal at him but it didn’t work. Then Ben turned into Echo Echo (an alien which can send loud echoes that breaks stuff) and kept sending echoes to Ultron. Captain America kept hitting Ultron and soon Ultron was starting to get weaker! Finally Ben turned into Way Big and started fighting Ultron. Ultron kept getting weaker and soon he was destroyed. Everyone shouted “HURRAY!”

comic-cartoon-hero-mask-flash-super-hero-fun-t-shirts-men-s-t-shirt“Thanks”, said the Avengers to Ben,” we couldn’t have done it without you.” Ben appreciated “It is my work to help people” and again accidently pressed the wrong button on Omnitrix. He was transferred back to earth where he saw his friend still fighting Ben’s evil twin. Soon he was fighting alongside them.




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P. S.- In order to maintain the genuineness of content and writing, we’ve  done minimal editing in the kid’s entries.

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Chaitanya Bhargava

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I am Chaitanya Bhargava and my age is 7 years. I study in SMIC school in Shanghai. I am from Gurgaon. I like play Football and Cricket as outdoor games and WII as an indoor game. My favourite book series is Geronimo Stilton.

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