And the winners are…


Chaitanya, Sidharth and Charmi!

We also congratulate the ones who took part in competition, but couldn’t get selected…the only reason is that the selected ones were a little better.
We are confident that you guys will keep on participating, because being in the game is more important than being a winner. Isn’t it?
(Story by Chaitanya Bhargava- 7 yrs)

I double checked the address, and yes it was correct. As I pushed open the door of the house, it made a creaky sound. Inside the house was a box with a unique watch in it. On the watch I saw a content that said “Space Travel”. I was thrilled that I shouted “hooray!” I quickly put the watch in the box and rushed back to my house. I wondered what will happen if I will put the watch on my hand. With a shivering hand I put the watch on my wrist…

I immediately got transferred to a marvellous spaceship face-to-face with an alien. I was terrified on seeing the alien that I gulped. The alien gave me a weird expression as if asking “how did you come here and where are you from?”. His body was round, he had 3 eyes, 2 mouths with 4 teeth in them, and no hands and legs. Then he went back flying his spaceship. While he was flying his spaceship I asked him a few questions. He didn’t answer my questions so I thought he didn’t know my language. Eventually he said something about the watch which I couldn’t hear properly but I knew he was speaking my language and he was ignoring my questions. After a long trip we landed on a planet.

It was so beautiful that I kept staring at it. Soon I felt some sensation on my shoulders and turned back to see who was it. It was an alien that was saying” excuse me sir, do you have any business over here?” Meanwhile the alien that I met earlier in the spaceship popped out of nowhere. Without saying anything he took me to the king. The king was big and could speak any language. I knew this because at first he was speaking another language but then he started to speak my language. Afterwards he turned into another human. I thought if he could do all that he must be a robot and he looked more like a robot transformer. While we both were chatting a ship crashed on the planet which made a huge racket.

I rushed to the spaceship to see if the alien is fine. When I took a look at the alien I saw he was hurt, so I quickly wrapped a bandage on the part of his body. He said “thank you” and invited me to his house. There we played games and had fun until my watch made a repeated sound of beep. I thought it was an alarm but actually it was telling the battery is low. I said “Bye” to the alien. After a moment I found myself in my house. I thought about this amazing adventure while sleeping in my room.


(Story by Sidharth Menon- 10 yrs)

I double checked the address, and yes it was correct. As I pushed open the door, a scream of terror filled the air and my heart started thumping fast. I cautiously entered the house as bats flooded out of the kitchen. I thought I would check in there first.

I nervously entered the room. A strong wind blew in through the ajar window. Suddenly, a wooden spoon, half broken, fell down. “Thump.” In a flash of lightning I jumped with terror and turned around. Seeing it was just a spoon, I sighed with relief.

I didn’t know what to do next so I wandered into the next room.

The next room looked like a living room. A ghostly shadow appeared on the old, rusty table. Cobwebs hung from everywhere, and the dusty carpet lay in the middle of the room with spell books piled upon it. A jet-black wand was hovering on top of the books. “This house looks like a witch’s house,” I thought.

A bubbling pot of green liquid stood beside an ugly old witch who was chanting this spell over and over again:
“What should I turn this little boy into, a frog, a dog or a mosquito?”

Then I saw a poor boy locked in a cage. I leaned my head forward, but then the witch spotted me. I screamed: AHHHHHHHH!
I woke up from my night mare. It was morning, and I had to attend a party today. I hurriedly ran downstairs. I finished my breakfast and jumped on my bike. I then cycled to the house.
I double checked the address, and yes it was correct. As I pushed open the door ……….


The Horrible Mistake
(Story by Charmi- 12 yrs)
I double checked the address ,and yes it was correct. As I pushed open the door it gave out a loud creek. I gave a little yelp and pulled myself together. “Now, where is this guy?” I thought. Actually, a few days ago I got a letter saying that I need to come to this castle that was actually haunted! He also gave a fixed date for me to come.

Isn’t he crazy, who writes like that, so mysteriously! As I stepped in, a giant group of bats flew right in! I tried to protect myself from them. Ohh, I wish this was a dream! Once the bats flew by, I went inside the first room I saw. The room had a big portrait of a little girl who was wearing a big crown, and a flowery gown. The room’s bed was covered with dust and the pillows were completely torn. I got real scared and began to think this was a ‘Horrible Mistake’. So I went out of that room and went to the next. For this room, the doors were locked, but I knew they would open easily, so I banged on the boo and guess what? They opened smoothly, and inside were piles and piles of gold! My God! I ran into the gold and picked out the biggest gemstone I could find and hid in my pocket. Don’t think I’m greedy, every girl has her dreams! As I walked to the next room, I smelled something like paper. “The library!” I thought .I followed the scent until I reached another door. I pushed it open and I saw giant shelves of books! Old books! After this I decided to keep my favourite room a secret. “What’s next? the dress room?” I thought and to my surprise it was. I entered the queen’s room and there was a big wardrobe full of grand gowns which were my size! What a surprise. The next room I went in was with a bunch of portraits. As I read their dates I found out that the portraits were assembled like a family tree. The last 4 portraits didn’t have their death dates. The next room I went in was the kitchen, and it had a big recipe book in the middle of the room. As I read through it, I saw many dishes that grandma used to cook for me. This castle was filled with surprises! As I was about to go to the next door, I heard little voices that sounded familiar, very familiar.

“Do you think she will come?” Said one voice. “Yes she will, don’t get panicky” said another. I pushed open the door and I saw my friends, Cassy and Rita! “Charmi! I was so afraid you wouldn’t come.” Said Rita. “I can’t believe it, you were the one that sent me the letter” I said. “Yeah, we were afraid to tell you the truth about the Halloween party last year so we wanted to speak privately.” Said Cassy. “You think this is private?” I asked. “ Kind of. Ok, now I have to tell you something about the Halloween party last year. Do you remember why they started to say this place was haunted?” asked Rita. “ A mysterious figure was seen near the corridors” I said. “Exactly, and the figure was caused by us! We were responsible for it and it was not for fun, we did so we can get more money!” Said Cassy. “What ?Why Money?” I shouted . “Who is the one who made you do this?” I asked. “Doctor Victor.” Said Rita. “Ok, we are going to find that guy and ARREST him.” I said.
The next day I picked up my friend and took off. “ Stop here and take one step and say : go down.” Said Rita. So I did and the next thing I knew I was in a laboratory with Cassy and Rita. “Go, we’ll hide.” Said Cassy.

“Welcome, I am Doctor Victor, and HOW DID YOU FIND THIS PLACE?” He shouted. “Sir, you are under ARREST!” I screamed and called the police.
I tried to talk to him and find out what was happening to buy the police some time. In no time at all they arrived and with a surprise they brought some equipment. “Sir, you are under ARREST! Where is he?” One of the policemen asked .“Right the………what! He was right here. I saw him just now and now he has just disappeared!” Said one of the police. “He does that a lot!” Said Rita. “But he sends a message to us every time he moves, here it is now, it says he is at……….Maple and Main”

“Let’s go, we have to get there soon, Cassy, Rita stay here. Give me a message when he moves.” I said. We drove to Maple and Main and found where Doctor Victor was! “Stay right there” I shouted.

“How did you find me?” Asked Doctor Victor. “You know that I will change my spot every time you find me! Ha Ha Ha Ha.” And poof!!! He vanished with his batch of scientists! How does he do that?

Just then I got a message from Rita saying that they are near Dream Works Mall. “Dream Works Mall” I shouted. The cops and I went to Dream Works Mall and this time it took us a lot of time to find him. It was really the first time I came to Dream Works Mall. I saw so many shops that sold costume, DVDs, and even a theatre. I should come here more often you know, this place is amazing. Just then I saw a stall that sold sour candy. I love sour candy, and it was really cheap there. “ Officer, is it ok if you go searching for the scientist?I am famished.I’ll just get something to eat.” I said “ Sure!We’ll call if something is wrong” said the police. And I ran to the sour candy store! I bought so many kinds of them and it cost 23 dollars altogether! I should really come here often. I bought rainbow candy, swirl candy ,sour lickerish….. I never thought I could buy these in my life. I left immediately to find the police but I heard something strange in my sour lickerish. I checked to see if there was a bug but then, I saw it was a robot licker! It must be where the scientists were! I called the cops and showed them the robot.

“That’s amazing, they made shrinking machines.” Said a cop. I found a button on the side and pushed. To my surprise, we were standing in Doctor Victor’s lab…. Again!” “ I knew
you would find me, so I was prepared” shouted Victor pointing a gun at me. “ Aaaaaa” I shouted and fainted. After I woke up, I figured out what I missed. I saw Doctor Victor in hand cuffs, and the whole place was destroyed! “What happened?” I asked “ There was a big fight with guns and chases. We arrested him by using one bullet in the end! Victor here, ran out of bullets.” Said the police officer. I was so glad this was all over. I called Cassy and Rita to come and see the ending. They came right away and decided to have a celebration and the cops went back to their station. We ordered pizza, ate ice cream and slept. The next day, I got a call from the Mayor saying that I had to come to the his house for a talk.

“ Mayor, it’s me, detective Charmi.” I knocked. The door opened and it was pitch black. And….. “Surprise” shouted the Mayor and almost everyone from the city was in his house and arranged a party for me. Cassy and Rita were there too. “Did you know that you caught the biggest villain on the planet?” Asked the Mayor “ as a prize,we are giving you the haunted castle which you proved to me it was not haunted.” “God! Really?” I asked “ but I would like to fix it myself.” I said, thinking of my big gemstone in my pocket. I was so glad that I got the haunted house for a gift. I am so rich now but I thought of giving some of that gold for the city’s poor people. So many clothes to wear and books to read. I couldn’t wait for tomorrow. So the next day I went to the haunted house, and started cleaning, in about one month, the house looked good as new! I gave out money to the poor people. Washed the gowns and un-dusted the library. I bought couches and cupboards with the money and it looked amazing after I finished renovating. I just couldn’t wait for my next mission!


P.S- Stories have been kept unchanged for genuineness


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