Craft activity for your vacation

Hello everyone,

Here’s a simple craft to do in your free time during the holidays. You can usually make just about anything with things lying around the house

I found this bag of colored woolen balls in my craft box and I realized I could make so many little things with them. My three year old daughter loves these pom poms and calls them ‘magic’ and offered to help me on this project.

Here are the things you need:

* Colored pom poms /woolen balls in a couple of sizes

* White glue

* A pair of safety scissors

* Black marker pen

* Googly eyes

* Dark colored pipe cleaners

* Colored papers







A bunch of fruit /flowers

Just poke the pipe cleaner careful into the bigger woolen ball making sure that you apply a bit of glue so that it sticks on. Let it dry. Just hold all the pipe cleaners together and twist them once and put in a glass tumbler. And it’s done.








Elmo /Elmo’s friend

Pick a big red woolen ball and mark the position of the eyes and nose on it with a marker. Apply glue on the marked spots and stick on the googly eyes and really small woolen ball. Once this is all dry, write a smile using the black marker. There you have it. Simple right!






Mike from Monster’s Inc

Pick a green woolen ball and glue on the single big googly eye right in the center of the ball. Then cut out a pair of feet and horns in green paper and glue on the same. Cut a small piece of black paper for the mouth and glue it just under the eye .Let it dry. Your cute Mike is ready.






Sweet little colored chicks

Get some of the big light colored woolen balls and some of the really smaller ones too. Glue two small googly eyes and add a small ball as the nose .Then add two smaller woolen balls in the place of feet. Make a couple more and you have a little batch of chicks lined up !



Giant spider

Grab a big dark colored ball and glue on a pair of big googly eyes. Twist four of the pipe cleaners and then bend them. Now you have eight spider legs and a big head. Glue on the woolen ball to the legs and you have a cute spider!

So there we have it! A bunch of cute stuff in half an hour’s time. Hope you have fun with these… I certainly did!



About the author
Priyanka Achar
Priyanka Achar

Art & Craft designer

I am a former merchandiser and designer .Currently living in shanghai with  my little daughter and a busy husband .

Im drawn to all things craft and love glueing stuff up with little kids .I am huge fan of  upcycling and and never ever throw away anything .

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