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Dear reader,

Hope you had a wonderful vacation with your family!

Time flies when we are engaged in fun activities, but turns into a sloth when we are back to school/work. Isn’t it so? We all know that it is a common phenomenon, still we get a bit depressed with our day to day life. Let’s turn the table on this regular situation by allotting ourselves a little time for our hobbies, past times, interests, passions etc. In other words, by adding a touch of color in our everyday black and white daily routine we can bring a miraculous effect in our lives and thinking as well.

For the October issue, all the contributors (kids & adults) had been very enthusiastic towards their contributions, and the issue itself proves this claim well. Our heartfelt thanks to you all!

Moreover, I thank each and everyone, on behalf of Bhartiya Community, who is directly or indirectly involved in this initiative. Be our support always.

As I mentioned in my previous letter about selecting the best entry, here’s a little change. Instead of selecting one winner, this time we’ve decided to award all the first time contributors of the inaugural issue!

Your certificates will be awarded to you on Bhartiya Community’s 3Dnite, 5th November 2016.

Isn’t it a good news?

Not only one, we’ve more good news to share with you all-

Now it’s time to announce the theme for next issue – Its….Audio/video Contest for Kids

To know more click- How to enter our  Kids Audio/Video Contest

In the end, I’d tell my young writers that writings are always welcome, so my creative writers, do not hibernate, but keep writing, we are counting on you.

Stay tuned….all

See you in January 2017!


Best wishes & loving regards,



P. S.- In order to maintain the genuineness of content and writing, we’ve  done minimal editing in the kid’s entries.

About the author
Sheela K Kumar
Sheela K Kumar

Co-Founder Bhartiya Community

Sheela is a Cambridge ESL examiner and an experienced educator having worked in India, UAE and China covering wide variety of aspects related to education.

She holds a Masters degree in English from UAE, Advanced International TESOL Certificate from Global Tesol College Canada (Shanghai), Diploma in TEFL  from Bridge Linguatec with specialization in teaching young learners and adults.

She is co-founder and vice president of Bhartiya Community.

She believes that learning is a life long process…

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