Experiencing their pain

For many years our school has been a place for World Vision to promote and raise funds for poor African children. One of the major activities that our school participate in the 30 hour famine. In this event students and adults raise funds for those less fortunate children. This year I decided to participate, but was a bit doubtful in the beginning. It was a 30 hour famine experience to feel the condition of less fortunate ones. Therefore we stayed hungry for 30 hours, since we are not used to staying hungry, we had the privilege of drinking water, juice, protein shakes, and any other water based drinks.
          All of us were originally very confident at first, however it was after 7 hours that we started feeling hungry. We all finally reached our service goal and it was time to eat! It was not less than a feast because many Shanghai restaurants had volunteered to sponsor food for this event.”World Vision organization” had come to give us some quick details about their organization and their goal.
    During these 30 hours I felt the pain and suffering due to hunger that is usually faced by many kids all over the world. It made me realize that we should save food and also cherish what we have, also try not to waste and help the people who are in need, by any chance we get.
          So overall it was a very learning experience! I hope my slight contribution can make their life colorful.


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Rishabh Dagar
Rishabh Dagar

Grade 8, SMIC

I study in SMIC in grade 8. I am 14 years old. I love playing soccer.

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