51Hq5rlkSfL._SX425_It was a bright sunny day at Santiago international school, Chile. John’s intelligent teacher, who was busy ranting about football day, talked for what seemed like hours. After about 30 minutes, the teacher got to the exciting bit. “In P.E, we will play a football match against the Dulwich School!” she said as everyone gasped with joy. John was a so-so player at football. He wished to be a team player and contribute to the team to make them victorious. The day passed on slowly, but when it was finally P.E, John got out his bulky football kit and rushed to the changing rooms like a hungry cheetah. He changed in a blink of an eye and wished his friends good luck. Eventually, he went on the football pitch.

John felt nervous but, with his friends, he felt a little comforted.

“I am sure I can’t do this” muttered John, “everyone is better than me.”

The whistle blew and the match started, WWWWHHHHHAAACCCKKKK, went the ball on to Johns arm, it was a handball. The DSSs teams were laughing like hyenas!

“Look, I can’t do this” he told Max.

“Now, just because of me they scored!” shouted John. They scored goal after goal.

After some time, John realized, “If I try I can achieve it, everyone can succeed if they try.” John kicked up with energy, ran like a bull, and kicked the ball fiercely in to the net.

John scored 2 goals at the end of the match and he was proud of himself. He now knew that if you try you will succeed.


About the author
Sidharth Menon
Sidharth Menon

Age – 9, NAIS, Pudong.

Sidharth is a Year 5 student at Nord Anglia International School, Shanghai. Sidharth is an avid reader and loves to play and watch football.


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