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wechatimg46About 2 months ago, Our Own Kids Hobby Classes started, and I joined. I thought that all the students would be about my age, but after I got there I saw that all the students were little kids. At least, I had my brother beside me.


wechatimg49This was the first time I was in a class full of Indians. I never knew that shanghai had so many Indians because in my school there are barely any Indians! I felt like I was in India! I live in Puxi and the classes were in Pudong, I dreaded to travel so far on a subway train, but later I started to enjoyed it.

wechatimg51In every class they taught a new subject, and my favourite was the ‘value education’ and ‘leadership skills’ class. I made a lot of new friends and I really enjoyed the classes. I would love to learn how to bake from teacher Mangai. I can’t wait for the new classes. Now that the classes are over, I am really missing all the fun I had!


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Venkata Sai Charmi Koona
Venkata Sai Charmi Koona

Grade 5, SUIS

I am Venkata Sai Charmi Koona (Charmi), studying in grade 5 in Shanghai United International School.(SUIS). I am from the state of Andhra Pradesh in India and have been living in China for past 10 years. I hope you enjoy my short story.

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