How to make Simple LED ON



Aim: To make simple LED ON (small bulb ON) using basic components


Apparatus: LED (any color), Resistor, Battery, connecting wires, bread board, Battery connector



Circuit working: Connect the circuit shown as per the diagram. Connect the battery in the end. As the battery is connected, the LED will glow ON.




Conclusion: A closed circuit with proper connections and adequate value of resistor connected always completes its path of current and hence can make any color LED ON using this circuit.

The current in the path is given by the formula I=V/R


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Krupa Mehta

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I am an Electronics Engineer from K. J. Somaiya college of engineering, Mumbai, and have worked as an Assistant Professor in electronics department for more than 11 years in various engineering colleges in Mumbai, India such as D. J. Sanghvi College of Engineering and Sardar Patel college of Engineering. I am currently conducting Electronic Workshops from last six months for over 50 students. I also conduct home tutoring for students of Grades 6-8 from schools such as Shanghai Singapore International School, SHSID and SMIC for subjects like Maths and Science. I enjoy teaching kids in fun and learn method and hence educate them with the most difficult concepts in simple ways.

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