I am going to tell you about Cricket because I like playing cricket very much.

The bat is made of willow, and my ball is soft so that I do not get hurt with the ball and I can hit it high and far.

I see Cricket every day because I am excited to know that who will win. There are 11 players in the game and my favorite is Virat Kohli because he scores the maximum number of runs.

We have to throw the ball fast, when the ball tips near the bat you have to stop it and when the ball is far, you have to swing the bat hard. You have to run 22 yards to make 1run, and if somebody hits the wicket before you complete 1 run, it is out. And when you hit the ball high you would get 6 or when somebody catches the ball then it is out, but when it bounces and crosses boundary line, you get four.

My father and I go to play Cricket every Saturday and Sunday because we like to play Cricket.

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Chaitanya Bhargava
Chaitanya Bhargava

Age 7, SMIC

I am Chaitanya Bhargava and my age is 7 years. I study in SMIC school in Shanghai. I am from Gurgaon. I like play Football and Cricket as outdoor games and WII as an indoor game. My favourite book series is Geronimo Stilton.

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