Kids- our life lines

Kids-RunningKids- our life lines
Filled with innocence
And naughty indeed…
Colorful, happy
fun filled enjoying….
They teach us to live simple and
Almost carefree
We are their learners
Though it’s tough to believe….
Every now and then
I observe and admire….
The divine souls that surrounds our Life ….our kids!!!
– krupa mehta

About the author
Krupa Mehta
Krupa Mehta

Electronics Engineer

I am an Electronics Engineer from K. J. Somaiya college of engineering, Mumbai, and have worked as an Assistant Professor in electronics department for more than 11 years in various engineering colleges in Mumbai, India such as D. J. Sanghvi College of Engineering and Sardar Patel college of Engineering. I am currently conducting Electronic Workshops from last six months for over 50 students. I also conduct home tutoring for students of Grades 6-8 from schools such as Shanghai Singapore International School, SHSID and SMIC for subjects like Maths and Science. I enjoy teaching kids in fun and learn method and hence educate them with the most difficult concepts in simple ways.

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