My Vacation in Vancouver

5-picMy whole family had just spent a full week in Vancouver, Canada. I can still remember my time there just like it was yesterday. That week was quite entertaining with a whole load of places to visit and activities to do.

First, we went biking for about 10km around Stanley Park. The sceneries were so breathtaking that we’d stop almost every five minutes just to take a picture. Riding under the famous Lionsgate Bridge was quite fascinating as the whole structure and the enormousness really highlighted the event. In addition, there were these little geese that would trail on the path which made it more amusing since you can hardly see any different birds in Shanghai out on the road.

However, even though the biking was fun, going to the aquarium was slightly better. The dolphins and seals proudly showed off their creative tricks. They even splashed ice cold water on some of the visitors. I clearly remember eating the classic fish and chips for lunch and later rushing to the 4D theatre. The theatre was running a show about predators and prey; the special effects really added the entertainment to watching it. But the show wasn’t the only exciting place there; there were so many different types of tropical, Canadian fishes. Many that they have saved from dying. The most important part was just that; they built the aquarium to help endangered animals. This idea was intriguing as in a place like Shanghai, most zoos and parks are built just for the public and not for the animals’ safety.

6-pic_hdWe have listed off the aquarium and the biking but since my family had visited the more ‘normal’ places, we decided to visit somewhere dangerous and tropical at the same time. That was the Capilano Suspension Bridge and the Cliff Walk.

The Capilano suspension bridge is 250 feet above the ground and about 500 feet long. You can shake the bridge and scare of visitors if you want to (but I got told off when I did it). Anyways, the more interesting part was walking into the rainforest with just an old wooden bridge to support us. Supporting the whole structure was a kid’s play treehouse with wicked and cool places to take photos from. So if you really need an interesting profile picture for WhatsApp, you can use the wild scenery.

Overall though, that week was so fun. Vancouver is a very diverse and natural city. All the people are extremely nice and helpful, the natural sceneries are so beautiful, and it’s just not a place you absolutely cannot miss.

P.S- The above sketch is made by Neha during her vacation in Vancouver

About the author
Neha Adinamozhi
Neha Adinamozhi

NAIS, age-12 yrs

My name is Neha and I study in Nord Anglia International School in Pudong. I’m in year 10 and I’ve just started my IGCSE course. Drawing and sketching has been my hobby for about 12 years. My inspiration has always been and will always be my mother, as she was the one who had introduced me to the world of art. Writing stories and descriptive writing had always perked my interest and this is why I have written a description of my holiday in Vancouver, Canada. I would also like to thank everyone for giving me the opportunity to write; Thank you so much!

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