The Alien Attack

6f9e701cff03fd4c74f29aa3f1f45213Ahhhhh! I saw my life flash before my eyes. I landed with a THUMP! Where was I? The room was pitch black. I got up from the cold floor and noticed that there was no door, no window, nothing but a few buttons. I heard a mysterious voice coming from the speaker behind. ” Dear Ms.Sabrina hope you don’t mind us contacting you, we need your help. If you want to help us please press the green button next to you. We will tell you the other details then. “The voice then was cut, I didn’t know what to do. I have to help, it sounds ever so important. I decided to press the green button, my seat dropped and I was inside a capsule which started moving. I could feel my heart thumping. My mission was going to be hard. What will happen next….

As I approached this peculiar land I could see big hospitals and the roads were spotless which made me think this is civilized place. The mysterious voice started talking again but this time in a much more jovial way. ”Hope you had a pleasant journey, we will soon be reaching Planet Saturn. It is minus 50 degree Celsius in Saturn.” said the booming voice. Wow that is so cold outside, I hope the mission is inside. I had reached Saturn! Suddenly, a staircase appeared I walked out of the small capsule. A man with a long moustache and tanned skin greeted me with warm smile and next to him was a kind lady who looked about the same age as me.

“Hello Ms.Sabrina, I am Dr.Larson but you can call me Ben and this is my daughter Ann.”His daughter was shy but gave me a quick smile.” Hello I am Sabrina Haley Brook and its nice meeting you and your daughter.” Ann looked surprised when I told her my name and so was Mr. Larson. ”Oh my daughter has the same middle name.” said Mr.Larson. As he was still talking I was thinking why this kind of civilized planet would need a person like me.”Ms.Sabrina you must be wondering why you are here. It’s because we are in a big emergency, you need to help us fight with the Neptunians TOMMOROW.” My heart skipped a beat, this is going to be the hardest mission so far. ”However today you can relax in your room and have some of the most delicious food in Saturn. Is that ok? ”asked Dr.Larson. I thought for a few moments I was excited about the food but… “Yeah that’s OK!!”I blurted.

As I entered the castle, it was filled with servants who were polishing the ancient antiques, setting tables and bringing food to the table. My tummy rumbled, that’s when Mr.Larson showed me to a seat so I can sit and eat as much as I want. The food was delicious, I licked my clumsy fingers.

I got up from the big bed, the sun shined through the big curtains, today is the day I have to fight the aliens. As I got out of the room, Mr. Larson was waiting for me, he said the aim of the game is to take all the pins down. It turned out that the war with aliens is bowling. I am really good at bowling! Mr.Larson showed me to a bowling alley where aliens were playing bowling. They had purple eyes and very weird looking body it moved smoothly .He showed me too an alley which was free. My palms were sweating and my eyes were fixed on the bowling ball. Then everything happened fast! It was super easy to beat them. They play ever so slowly and the only hit one at a time. After that tiring game, they took me back to the capsule. Mr.Larson had a warm smile, they said “Thank you for coming Sabrina.” I said bye and got into the capsule. On my way back I told myself “what a civilized planet, instead of killing and injuring, they fight wars by playing a game of bowling….wow….I wish our earth also changes that way!


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P. S.- In order to maintain the genuineness of content and writing, we’ve  done minimal editing in the kid’s entries.

About the author
Nirupama Rajesh
Nirupama Rajesh

Grade 5, NAIS, Pudong

Nirupama Rajesh was born in Chennai, India in 2006 and is living in Shanghai for the past 3 years. She is presently studying in Nord Anglia International School in Year 5 and loves reading and singing.


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