Happy New Year- 2017


About the painting-

This painting is of three candles and a handful of flowers. I was mostly aiming for a ‘bright and happy’ themed painting. Candles are a source of light and flowers are normally a symbol of happiness. Since a new 2017 has started, I wish that everyone starts the year with joy and happiness.
Happy new year!


About the author
Neha Adinamozhi
Neha Adinamozhi

NAIS, age-12 yrs

My name is Neha and I study in Nord Anglia International School in Pudong. I’m in year 10 and I’ve just started my IGCSE course. Drawing and sketching has been my hobby for about 12 years. My inspiration has always been and will always be my mother, as she was the one who had introduced me to the world of art. Writing stories and descriptive writing had always perked my interest and this is why I have written a description of my holiday in Vancouver, Canada. I would also like to thank everyone for giving me the opportunity to write; Thank you so much!

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