We believe in ‘nurturing in togetherness‘ & we focus on ‘character building while at work or play’.

Our Own Kids Club will incorporate these basic concepts relatively in all its activities for the multi dimensional growth of our kids.

Our Primary motive is to work on the following



Communication skills

Club Activities

Free Events

3 main events are free for the members.

  1. Christmas Party (24th December 2016)
  2. Free workshop
  3. Field Trip

If we get opportunity we’ll combine more of them

Paid Events

We’ll also introduce paid events/workshops/competitions… and if majority of you are interested we’ll also go for that


Now you are a part of Bhartiya Community, so whenever we’ll have any event in future we’ll give you an exposure platform and many other concessions which we will announce later


Deserving candidates will also win the title of ‘Club Star’

Discipline & Etiquette

These are the main requirements of Our Own Kids Club.

Mom & Me

We also value and encourage ‘Mom and Me’ activities….if the mothers of our group show their interest in this concept then we’ll definitely introduce such activities in the coming days.

Membership Cards

Your Club Membership Card is your identification

You have to use it during all Club events

If anyone loses their card, they’ll have to pay RMB 25 to get a new card…so please keep your cards safely with you

Your Card can also bring you some surprises in future 🙂

We will start taking new members after CNY holidays. Until then Stay Tuned!

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About Us

Bhartiya community has been created with the aim to touch the hearts of everyone by making them feel at home while living out of India.
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    Neeru Dagar
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    Sheela K Kumar


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