Summer vacation Craft- Best out of waste

Summer vacation Craft

During the Bhartiya community hobby classes, my young student Smrithi loved making crafts and recycling stuff into pretty things. She would always say “tougher craft for next class aunty “!

This summer vacation we both got together and made a’ best out of waste’ vase /Pen stand.


The materials you need can all be found around the house.

  • Glue
  • Newspaper /Magazine sheets cut into strips
  • Safety scissors
  • Pencil
  • Any kind of empty tub / we used an empty candy tub.
  • Pipe cleaner /straws


My toddler daughter was also very excited and was wondering why the candy tub was empty!

Here’s how she did it:

  1. Lay the paper flat on a table or floor and place a pencil on the diagonal grain of the paper.Start rolling tightly from the corner. Make sure you apply glue as you go so it does not unravel. Glue the last corner into the cylinder of paper.Leave it to dry.



  1. When you have quite a few of them ready,measure the size of the tub you are using and cut the paper roll accordingly.



  1. 3. Apply glue generously onto the outer side of the plastic tub and place the paper roll and press firmly. As you keep going, the roll that you have placed earlier will dry and sit in place. Let all the glued rolls dry well.


  1. We both thought the vase needed some kind of base, so we used the lid as the bottom. Just apply glue on both the bottom of the vase and top of the lid and put them together.


  1. To finish the top portion, we cut up some fluffy pipe cleaners and stuffed them onto the topmost portion of the rolls in such a way that there were no unfinished ends.


  1. DONE. Find all random pens and pencils trying to run away and put them into your new pen stand!


Happy faces after we finished!


Smrithi Sriram is a student in Grade 3, SMIC, Pudong.

Despite studies and homework, she takes her time out for Bharatnatyam, Balvihar, Piano, vocal lessons, craft, cycling and playing with her baby brother.

She spent the summer vacation reading the famous five series, making craft and playing with her friends.



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Priyanka Achar
Priyanka Achar

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I am a former merchandiser and designer .Currently living in shanghai with  my little daughter and a busy husband .

Im drawn to all things craft and love glueing stuff up with little kids .I am huge fan of  upcycling and and never ever throw away anything .

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