Summer Vacation had begun. Anu was super excited. She was planning to spend her summer in her grandparent’s house.

The train slowly arrived the station. Anu could not wait to meet her grandparents. The train stopped on the platform. And Anu ran to her grandfather who was waiting on the platform. They took an auto rickshaw to the house. She had a good time in her grandparents’ place.

A few days went by. One day she broke her grandmother’s favourite Japanese vase. She thought “Oh, no, Grandmother is going to be very angry with me…..Let me tell a lie!”

On another instance, when she was drawing and the pet cat was disturbing her so much she got frustrated and pulled its tail. It ran out yelling. And she thought, “Oh no, the poor cat is crying in pain, nobody should know that I hurt it, I need to tell a lie!”

Days passed and Anu’s habit of telling lies increased.

Soon her grandparents found out all the lies that she told. She got a severe scolding from her grandparents.

She felt very bad, ran to her room and said, “Oh Krishna, I do not understand life! Only if you could explain to me about it!”

superball_mini_redLord Krishna heard her prayers. And sent a ball.

The ball was first big and then small and then big again. Like this it happened three times.

By the time, the third blink happened, she understood what it meant.

Can you understand what this mean?

Answer 1 –

You may hide a lie, but Krishna or any other God, whom you love, has always an eye on you!

Answer 2 –

When you are very young (below age 4), you have a pure heart and you do not know much about bad things. So your heart is big similar to big ball.

When you grow older, you know/ see / hear bad things, you become like that. So your heart becomes smaller like the small ball.

Later when you grow older; you start understanding the mistakes that you did in the past. You correct yourself and not make the mistakes. Since you do not repeat the mistakes, your heart becomes bigger. Again like the big ball.

Now you know the above answer; in the story, can you guess why the ball blinks three times?

This is because if it only blinked once Anu would not have paid attention to it and would have let it go. This is why Lord Krishna thought properly before showing Anu this.

Like Krishna, you need to think before speaking and acting.


About the author
Smrithi Sriram
Smrithi Sriram

3rd Grade, SMIC

My name is Smrithi Sriram. I Am 7 years old and just moved to SMIC school as a 3rd grade student.  We have been in Shanghai for about 2 years.  This is my first and best attempt at story writing and I hope you like it.

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