The Chronicles of Power Storm



After I missed the last penalty shot, I went back to my locker, in the school, and pulled out a fresh can of Gatorade. Oh sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Fred Johnson. I study in the green wood elementary school. Anyway if you guys don’t know what Gatorade is, it is basically an energy drink that gives you 100% freshness. There are various flavors of Gatorade, like the one in the bottom picture. I like the orange one. The best because it tastes like

orange and orange is my FAVOURITE FRUIT! While I was tasting the best drink in the world, Ben came around. If you don’t know who Ben is, you will see. “Give me that drink,” Yes, Ben is a Bully. I will show you a picture of him later. Well then that was it, I lost my drink so I had to go home without any energy. While I was walking in the dark road, I took out my flashlight and started reading the Spiderman Comics. If you didn’t know, I am also a Marvel fan. I read all the series of marvel comics except Spiderman.15.pic_hd

Stay tuned for the second volume……………

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Grade 5, SMIC

My name is Ritthick G-5 student studying in SMIC School Shanghai. I am also an active participant of Balvihar classes. My hobbies are playing games, writing stories and Soccer.

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