The Haunted Night

It was a stormy night…
I was sleeping with my sister. I heard a big bang sound and got up. I woke up my sister.
The sound came from the attic…
The door rattled…
I went to my mom and dad’s room, but nobody was there..
My sister and I were really terrified…
But bravely, we took the flash light and headed towards attic.
The attic was so dusty and there were a lot of spider webs. The attic was really haunted…
Suddenly, the door slammed and windows opened and cold breeze came in.
And there stood two hideous ghosts!!!
We trembled with fear...
Suddenly the ghosts jumped on us and yelled,
Happy birthday!!!!


About the author
Diva Tom
Diva Tom

Grade 3, SMIC

My name is Diva Tom.I’m 8 yrs old and studying in Grade 3 in SMIC School,Shanghai. I’m from Kerala. Since 2012,I’ve been staying in Shanghai with my parents and my twin sis Diya. My hobbies are reading, writing and drawing

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