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Are you a sweet lover but don’t know how to bake? No worries, follow today’s article and you’ll learn from the basic – Ingredients.

Part 1 Egg


Eggs are divided into the egg white and the yolk. A conventional egg is 40 grams of egg white and 20 grams of egg yolk.

Egg white 99% is water, whose main role is to make the cake fluffier. However, without flour, egg white will return itself to liquid state. The white gradually began to coagulate at about 60 degrees.

Egg white is used for all kinds of cake-making, playing an important role in making the cake fluffy and soft, but there must be flour ingredients to support the degree of blistering.

The difference between yolk and white is that the texture of yolk is thicker, while egg white is thinner.

Under normal circumstances, the chef will burn sugar syrup into the egg white or yolk, because it has an effect on sterilization. When sugar is in 115 to 118 degrees, this is called the egg white paste and egg yolk paste. When it’s in about 85 degrees, it can sterilize eggs.

Part 2 Sugar


In the west, there are various kinds of sugar including white sugar, brown sugar, glucose and invert sugar.

White sugar has the widest range of application, basically all the cakes will use white granulated sugar as basic ingredients. White sugar is a kind of monosaccharides, it can be made into caramel and added in the whipped egg paste. White sugar also can be mixed with butter to make cookies. The amount of white sugar decides the sweetness of formula.

Brown sugar is a kind of nutrient-rich virgin sugar, a little heathier and has a special flavor. If you make brownies, chocolate chip cookies with brown sugar instead of white sugar, it will have better flavor. Brown sugar can also be made into caramel. White sugar can be replaced by brown sugar but the cost is so high that it does not apply to fruit cake, but more suitable for chocolate or spice cake.

Glucose is liquid white granulated sugar, which used for some coating cake sauce. It is also used for liquid formula where white sugar is not easy to melt, so many of them apply to liquid ingredients or chocolate chip to replace white sugar.

Invert sugar is a disaccharide and a catalyst for stable ingredients. It helps to achieve a balance between raw ingredients, extend the shelf life of raw material and make taste more stable.

Part 3 Cream

6-pic_hdCream can be divided into margarine and whipping cream, its principle is similar to the butter while the quality of cream is determined by the foaming ratio and aroma. Put the cream into a whisk, then in general, whose expansion is more than 40% is of first quality, meanwhile its lipid content also plays an important role .

Part 4 Flour


Conventional pastry flour is divided into cake flour (low gluten flour) and bread flour (high gluten flour), of course, there are other flavors like corn flour, whole wheat flour and rye flour, etc.

The reason why cake flour is called low gluten flour is that it has fluffier texture. Cake powder is used to make cookies and cakes embryo, because its water content is less than bread flour.

Bread flour is mostly used for making bread, with high water content and high energy consumption.

Different brands of flour all need to go through 5:1 testing to identify its moisture content, because the containing of water is on behalf of presented taste. Flour is divided into many types, including imported and homebred branch. Domestic flour only has low gluten and high gluten band, but foreign flour is various with the moisture content. Domestic flour flavor is relatively poor in taste, cultivar classification is mixed and disorderly, while foreign flour classification is clear– distinguish from the water level and the origin of wheat flavor. Foreign flour is easier to control and can balance daily quality standard.

Part 5 Butter


Butter is divide into margarine and animal butter on the market. Margarine is made from plant, containing trans fatty acids. Animal butter is refined from milk. Margarine has a special aroma, but not a pure butter flavor. Animal butter has pure butter flavor, so it’s strongly suggested that you use animal butter to make cake or other products.

Part 6 Cheese


Common types of cheese: cream cheese, Mascarpone, sour cream, yogurt, fresh cream and so on.

Cheese source: cheese is made from milk or goat milk. Extract whey from fermented milk and add some emulsifier into it, so that cheese will have a variety of flavor.

Cream cheese is widely used to make cheese cakes. Cheese cake is divided into baked, steam-grilled, mousse and so on.

Mascarpone cheese is specifically for Tiramisu and other pastry cream.

Sour cream has a sour taste. It is used to increase the acidity of cheese cake. It can also be used in replace of yogurt to make milk mousse.

Yogurt is directly transformed by adding yeast to milk, it can be used for making flavor pudding and mousse, but cannot replace the sour cream.

Fresh cream refers to the fermented milk rather than fresh cream. This cream is more suitable for making cheese cake, the flavor is closer to cheese taste.

Part 7 Chocolate


Chocolate can be divided into dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate. But different percentages of each type can help vary the flavors of chocolate. There are many brands of chocolate on the market, so Mavi will measure other chocolates by Valrhona standard. Due to different origin of chocolate, baking time, spices and percentage of cocoa butter, chocolates have their own flavors.

Part 8 Spice


Tea and wine are included in spices. There are Earl Grey tea and jasmine tea. Also, there are Kahlua liqueur coffee, Cointreau, Grand Marnier and Amaretto. All above are sweet wines used for making various flavors of cake, preserved fruit and chocolate as well.

Authentic spices contain vanilla, and the best is that from Madagascar. There are also cinnamon, cardamom, thyme and rosemary. But all these spices should be carefully used because of the intense flavors. To make full use of spices, you must learn what kind of spices are applicable in what kind of chocolate and cake.

Part 9 Nut


Common nuts are walnut, hazelnut, almond, pecans, pistachios and other. You should pay more attention to identifying whether it’s moldy or spoiled. Nuts contain oiliness, so we should care about its usable range.

Now you know the secret of how Mavi handle ingredients, you can try it by yourself! Let’s enjoy amazing dessert at home.


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