2b11b18b9d54142419d90f14f913cfda“NO! That’s unfair. Mom, Milly is playing against the rules” shouted Scarlett while playing UNO. “Everyone wants to win not only you! I always let you win so that you don’t cry and throw things all over, but not this time. I am fed up with this nonsense you always do.” said Milly to her little sister. Scarlett was quite an intelligent child but with a fixed mind not to lose any game.

Next day while having breakfast, Scarlett asked Milly “Do you think I am a loser? I had a bad dream that I lost in all the UNO matches.”

“I don’t, losing a game can happen to anyone, Scar”. Said Milly calmly.

”I don’t want to be a loser but I want to be a winner. I want to be special, Mills.” Said Scarlett sadly.

At school, Scarlett’s teacher Ms. Michelle said “Today we are going to have a ‘long-jump’ competition.” When it was Scarlett’s turn she felt her arms were sweaty and a drop of sweat falling from her eyebrows. “Second prize winner is Scarlet!” the result was announced. “No it’s unfair Ms. Michelle it can’t be right, I am the first!” shouted Scarlett who was very angry. “Scarlett, stop arguing with your teacher, go back to your class.” said Ms. Michelle.

As she reached home she rushed into her room and sunk her face into her soft pillow. Milly came into the room to check on Scarlett. “Your friend Meghan told me that you are sad because you lost a small game in class. “

“It’s just that I lost for the second time this week. Life’s unfair” mumbled Scarlett sadly.

“Have you heard your teachers and our mom often say that the most important thing is not to win but to participate? Moreover, I and mom were letting you win all games at home to keep you happy and because you were small. But now I realize we should not have done that and should have made you work hard for a win” said Milly.

“OK Mills, I get what you are saying. I will work hard and will not cry if I lose” continued Scarlett wiping off her tears. Scarlett hugged her sister Milly who made her proud every second they were together.

After that day Scarlett started participating in all games without thinking about winning but guess what she started really winning many of these games!!!


About the author
Nirupama Rajesh
Nirupama Rajesh

Grade 5, NAIS, Pudong

Nirupama Rajesh was born in Chennai, India in 2006 and is living in Shanghai for the past 3 years. She is presently studying in Nord Anglia International School in Year 5 and loves reading and singing.


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