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She Says

She says…coffee mornings consist of ladies from different back grounds, whose hearts are same willing to be heard, noticed and appreciated. Not only ladies, all humans are of the same nature, but let’s focus here on women at this moment!

Dear ladies,

A nice cup of coffee/tea brings a real person out of us and help us reach the heights of our thoughts. So why not having a Coffee Morning every month?

Coffee Mornings are going to be a medium for us to sit together, and indulge in a unique way. Exposure of our other side, exhibition of our hidden talents, expression of our innovative thoughts, enthusiasm towards life is what this sweet little meeting is all about!

For that we need to explore the other and unique side of ourselves to exhibit our hidden talents, and express ourselves enthusiastically to show that we are proud of what we are. All in all, we need to bring out our shining personality which will make our surroundings harmonious whether that’s our family or our society.

Ladies, lets nurture our inner child who is anxious to show wonders since long, and join hands with everyone in order to reach this noble goal of ‘sharing and caring’

Best wishes,
She says…

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Bhartiya community has been created with the aim to touch the hearts of everyone by making them feel at home while living out of India.
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    Neeru Dagar
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