She says…Dynamic Lady of the Month!!!


No sooner we had started our coffee mornings to expose the hidden talents of our lovely ladies,  we were awestruck to see their potential  in a little time with an aspiration to proceed further. From this month we are going to bring out the dynamic personality of our members in front of the community, for the motivation and inspiration of all.

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Dynamic person of this week is Mangai Adinamozhi, who is the perfect example of a ‘hidden treasure.’ A hard working person with a creative streak and always ready to help the community.

She says… coffee morning for ladies is proud to have her and wishes her all the good luck!
Below is her journey as an art craft teacher of Bhartiya Community in her own words:

My Journey-


Hello to all, I am Mangai and I’m currently conducting the art and craft classes for Bhartiya Community. I and my students have been crafting and doing various fun art activities since our very first class. The students in my class are between the ages of 4 and 6 and they enjoy indulging in different activities that I put forth for their learning and enjoyment.

Initially, the children were very nervous maybe because of their 7.pictender age or a new learning atmosphere. However, in two to three lessons, they gained confidence and have made tremendous progress in terms of listening as well as doing the artworks. The children’s craftworks were exhibited during our Bhartiya Community’s 3D nite, and I am sure each one of them were as proud as I was in seeing many others appreciating their talents.

6.picTheir confidence truly motivated me as a teacher. I love spending time with the children, and I feel honored by teaching sometimes naughty but animated and enthusiastic children. I wish to continue teaching and look forward to experiencing art and craft among more children of Bhartiya Community.



Mangai is a dedicated and an experienced painting and art & craft teacher. She has a bachelor’s degree in computer science, but her passion is teaching art & craft to small children with love, care and patience. She has certification in baking also and she does baking as a hobby. She has learned Coffee Painting and Tanjore Painting from India, and now she is learning Chinese Ink Painting.



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