She Says….Happy Mother’s Day !!!

Discovering a new you!!! 

Dedicated to all the mothers in Bhartiya Community…

_D5A7267Lovely ladies,

Bhartiya Community’s hobby classes and coffee mornings have been quite successful in showing the dynamic side of us all, and helping us to be the women of substance by exposing our other side… and exhibiting our hidden talents.

We’ve got a very positive feedback from our consulate general regarding this initiative of bringing  out the  shining personality of aspiring ladies and reaching the noble goal of ‘sharing and caring’

_D5A7174We feel completely satisfied by the achievement our women have made …..
Bhartiya Community has given us-

  • A platform for the exposure of home based entrepreneurs
  • Baking classes and it’s enthusiastic response
  • Kid’s Hobby classes by experienced members
  • Talented co ordinators and performers of cultural activities

_D5A7844Bhartiya Community is brimming with many more creative ideas! Soon we’ll add a lot of them to keep the motive of our hobby classes and coffee mornings in the appropriate direction of discovering a new you!


Best Wishes,
Bhartiya community, China

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Bhartiya community has been created with the aim to touch the hearts of everyone by making them feel at home while living out of India.
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    Neeru Dagar
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